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"The most dynamic and diverse concert I've ever seen organized."

Long Line Concert 2021

Sunday March 21, Spring Equinox.

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* Jonel Beauvais, member of the Mohawk Nation, called in "the mysticism of creation" with the poem of blessing she wrote.


* Griot Vanessa Johnson acknowledged the foundation laid by the Ancestors by singing a poem by Alice Walker.


* Luci Murphy welcomed us with a song from the Georgia Sea Islands.


* Emma’s Revolution offered Pat Humphrey's song, "We Are One." 


* Sierra Leone sister and brother Elizabeth and Paul Kaku sang “Respect Girls,” the theme song of the Respect For Girls Project and during the closing we heard a song by Jessica Adima Choloply Wilson from Sierra Leone.


* Elise Bryant, founder and director of the DC Labor Chorus, offered the closing song and shared two recordings from the chorus including "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and "We Didn't Come This Far" by Steve Jones. 


* Indigenous Canadian activist Faith Nolan presented her song about the missing and disappeared Indigenous women. 


* Lori Tsang, award-winning film director of "Chinamen's Choice," shared three poems. 



* Wampanoag artist and spiritual leader, Penny Gamble-Williams, helped close this magnificent festival of inspiring music. 


* Activist musicians Annie Hassett, Charlie King, Sue Kranz, Annie Patterson, and Sarah Pirtle each contributed a song. For seven years

in Western MA they have created benefit concerts honoring Pete and Toshi Seeger, and this group is a co-sponsor of this event.


* Ruth Pelham from Albany, Magic Penny Recipient, sang, "I am a Woman."


* Tarn Goelling spoke about the rise in hate crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islanders and shared her original song; Tarn is director of Civic and Community Engagement at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 


* Seventeen-year-old Zoe Lemos shared her "Uprisings" song.


* Black Guy Fawkes' youtube, "Whatever Happened to Jim Crow?" included stunning historical footage.


* Iso Frazier, member of Long Line, and Circus Smirkus performer,

led us in a half-time stretch.


Who are the sponsoring groups?

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, Greenfield MA,

Sarah Pirtle, main concert organizer.

The Pete and Toshi Yearly Singalong of Western MA

United Against Hate, Virginia Rodino convener.

To learn how to move ahead to specific performers, click "SHOW MORE" below the youtube

and you'll see what time they performed and can move your cursor to that spot

within the three hours. Performers included:

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