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Donate To Respect For Girls


Some Information About The Donation

Donations are tax-deductible. The donate button takes you to the Pay Pal section of the website of Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, which is a 501.c3. 


Please add a note that it is for Respect for Girls.

All donations will be given to the Sierra Leone circle of Respect for Girls, a chapter of WILPF, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

What Your Donation Can Do

Your donation is an important contribution to girls and young women in Sierra Leone.

Picture of the WILPF community


purchases one-fifth of the cost of a computer.


provides for transportation for the cast of the Respect for Girls dramatic presentation to travel to a school in Sierra Leone. ( bringing awareness to the problem


covers the banking fee to send money to Sierra Leone.


$25  purchases a school book about Wangari Maathai to support the Sierra Leone Tree Planting Project. 


$15  purchases Respect for Girls T shirts for new members in Sierra Leone.


Any amount of donation will help! 

Out to Sea Laptop
Rusty Campervan
Variety of Coins

Let's Make A Change

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