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About Us

Join the Long Line of people making change

Our mission is to amplify girls leadership in community circles as we work to protect girls from sexual harassment, disregard, mistreatment and violence in schools and communities. Our vision is to connect committed local groups around the globe and share resources in order to galvanize all our work. We invite you to use resources we’ve created as you help your own school and community take action to insure respect for girls. Our songs, our interviews with inspiring women and girls, our skits shown on YouTube, our program ideas, and our T shirts can all be employed to make conversation happen.


Add news of your work in respecting girls by emailing us:


Our Three Founding Circles:


WILPF Sierra Leone Long Line

Freetown and Bo, Sierra Leone


Long Line of Women Leaders for Racial Justice

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice

Greenfield, MA, USA


Gage Ambassadors

Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation

Syracuse, NY, USA



 We antidote the worldwide epidemic of disrespect and violation of girls. We help circles of dedicated people be part of the turnaround. 


We began as three circles empowering each other as we crossed Sierra Leone to Western Massachusetts and Syracuse, New York in the US. Now we connect with other circles throughout Africa and the US and worldwide to create a tapestry of people calling NO MORE. 


We create conversations that call people to wake up to the urgent need for change. We learned that witness of our stories, singing of songs that speak out boldly, and the creation of dramatic presentations effectively spotlight the serious and life-threatening problems of girls and women that are going unaddressed. We give each other tools and resources to galvanize schools and communities.

The Respect for Girls Project works to change the whole Wheel of Oppression.

In solidarity and in participation we stand with Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA communities.

Solidarity Statement

Long Line, Western MA

Regular members:

Maya Baudrand 

Norah Benkley

Iso Frazier

Carlie Kempf

Ella McDaniel 

Jyn  Rankin


Adult leader: Sarah Pirtle, 

Peace Education Coordinator, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice

WILPF Sierra Leone

Regular members:

Rose Umu Bendu                      

Rosetta Hannah Bendu 

Elizabeth Kaku                           

Jessica Adima Choloply Wilson 

Grace Duba Mansary    

Monica Victoria Bangura 

Paul Kaku

Shadrack J Wright 

Adult leaders: Kadie Sesay and Pastor Peter 

Drama teacher: Foday Koroma

College mentor: Thomas Richmond Kamara 

Gage Ambassadors, Syracuse, NY
Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights 

Program Mentors:

Alexis Ahn 

Abby Kambhampaty 

PeiLin Lu 

Chadani Timsina 

Chloe Tranquill

Adult leader: Vanessa Johnson, Program Director:

Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner is the Founder and Director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation 

The Women of WILPF


April 1915, WILPF -- the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom -- was founded by 1,136 women from warring and neutral nations during World War I to discuss how to end the war and ensure permanent peace. 


Today 12,000 women peacebuilders are part of WILPF. 


August 2018, WILPF branch in Sierra Leone launched by Kadie Sesay to  engage women in sustainable economic activities that will alleviate poverty, to train women to advocate for their rights and to actively engage in opposing gender-based violence. 


August 2018  Patricia Hynes and Kadie Sesay meet in Ghana at the 32nd WILPF Triennial International Congress held for the first time in Africa, under the theme Building a Feminist Peace Movement


September 2018 Patricia Hynes, WILPF Board member and director of Traprock Center for Peace and Justice in Western MA, and Kadie Sesay, WILPF office founder and former schoolteacher, launch a collaboration. They start by working together to get 100 books about peace and justice into schools in Sierra Leone.

Youth Create the Respect for Girls Project


Summer 1994 to summer 2019 Sarah Pirtle, Traprock Peace Education Coordinator, led a feminist peace camp called Journey Camp.


July 2020 Sarah Pirtle starts A Long Line of Women Leaders for Racial Justice for teens who would have been at Journey Camp. During COVID, Long Line starts meeting weekly after the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.


December 2020 Teens from Kadie Sesay’s WILPF group in Sierra Leone and teens from Long Line begin weekly zoom meetings and together found The Respect for Girls Project.


January 2021 Teens from Vanessa Johnson’s group in Syracuse, NY called the Gage Ambassadors join as equal partners. Vanessa is Program Director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation Girl Ambassadors for Human Right.


February 2021 the three groups actively create songs, launch a blogspot website, develop a skit to perform at schools in West Africa, produce T shirts, and plan further programs. 

Our Mission

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